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Welcome to the Recent News page of the Congregatio Jesu.
On this page you will find recent and current news.


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From 27 to 30 August all those in Latin Americawe who have been finally professed for less than 11 years gathered in Brazil: Mariana, Clementina, Patricia and María Celia from Argentina; Sueli, Andeiziane and Verani from Brazil and Yamilet from Chile.  Estela CJ from Argentina and Miroslava IBVM from Peru accompanied us.
It was a time and space of meeting each other and our own lives again, of listening to each other and sharing our dreams, our desires, our questions, and also our frustrations and fragilities.  It was a time of discovering each other as sisters and companions on the way, with desires for something different in order to be faithful to the charism of Mary Ward.
The meeting revitalized us and enlivened in us the desire that arose in the meeting of Juniors in 2009 whose motto was “united in dispersion we make our pilgrimage with God’s dream”.
We felt strongly called to remain united, to support and encourage each other to live the gift of vocation received by each one.  We found ourselves challenged and encouraged to risk living our consecration in a different way, in freedom, humanity and reciprocity,  being ourselves, contributing our God-given talents, living connected to our deeper selves and from there in harmony with the cries of the present day world.  Not self-centred but rather, in touch with our dreams and deeper desires to do the will of God and continue building the Kingdom.
We thank the Congregation for this formative space and especially Estela and Miroslava and we would like these opportunities on a yearly basis in order to continue growing together as friends in the Lord.

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Members of the Generalate on Consultation visitations

The General Leadership Team finds itself in an exceptional situation this autumn, because four Consultation visitations have to be carried out, both back to back and one after the other. The term of office of three Provincials and one Regional Superior will end over the next few months. According to our Complementary Norms we need to get an overview of the Province/Region and consult all the sisters on finding suitable persons, capable of leading the Province/Region into the future, as a help towards discernment according to our manner of proceeding.
Prisca and Elisabeth are the first to start their journey to the Bangalore Region on Friday, 8 September.   Jane and Elena will leave for Chile a week later and will remain in the province until 30 September.  They will then visit the CJ mission in San Salvador until 4 October. From 11 October until 17 November, Jane and Prisca will visit the Patna Province, while Cecilia and Elisabeth will be in the Korean province. By 2 December all will be back again in Rome.
We hope that everything goes well everywhere, that the flights will be punctual, our conversations helpful, and that no mosquitos disturb!  (Text and Photos/eka) 

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Meeting of Loreto Sisters (IBVM) in our house in Via Nomentana

“CO-CREATING OUR WAY” is the topic of the Loreto meeting. From 1 to 8 September 2017 the General Team together with six sisters from different countries (Mauritius, Kenya, Vietnam, India, Ireland and United States) and their facilitator met to co-create a process that reflects new models of leadership while remaining faithful to the Ignatian charism of the IBVM. All IBVM members will be engaged in this process of creative conversations and reflection, hoping that this will lead them to a period of implementation of new ways forward by the end of 2019. This is the first of the five phases over the next two years. We, the CJ sisters, are very happy to provide accommodation for this meeting.  
(text and photos/eka)   

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