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Welcome to the Recent News page of the Congregatio Jesu.
On this page you will find recent and current news.


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BBQ in Via Nomentana

This news item will expire on 23/07/2017.

They were fascinated by Rome!

High school students from the Maria Ward School in Mainz visited Rome for a week. 
They were our guests here in Via Nomentana. The city fascinated them. From now on, their Latin lessons will be even more enjoyable. Achim Finkenauer, their Latin teacher, organized this visit and was very happy with the results. (Text and photo/eka)

This news item will expire on 22/07/2017.

The joint meeting of both Generalates: CJ and IBVM 15 May 2017

It has become the custom for both Generalate teams to meet at least twice a year to share our experiences and to plan projects in common and to look for further possibilities of cooperation. 
At the beginning of our meeting last Monday we made an evaluation of the meeting of both Generalate teams with all the Provincial and Regional Superiors of both congregations which took place three weeks ago.  Everyone agreed: it had been a wonderful day and we had come closer to each other. Further meetings of this nature would be very profitable.  (text: Elisabeth CJ; photos. Elisabeth CJ and Igora IBVM)

This news item will expire on 17/07/2017.