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Visitation of the Middle European Province (MEP) - part II

From 21 March until 13 April 2019 Elisabeth CJ and Cecilia CJ will do a consultation visitation of the Middle European Province.  As the province consists of big communities extending to four different countries, the visitation will be conducted in three separate parts. This is the second part. 
The term of office of the present Provincial Superior expires at the end of the year. 
Our Constitutions require us to make detailed inquiries in the province before the appointment of a new Provincial Superior. The second part of the visitation will cover communities in the following places: Mindelheim, Augsburg, Altötting, Pfarrkirchen, Passau and Simbach.
Elisabeth and Cecilia will have conversations with all the 122 sisters. After having met each individual sister there will be a meeting of the whole community to reflect together and to have conversations about co-creating the future of the Congregatio Jesu.  (text and photos/eka)

This news item expired on 20/05/2019.

Spring in Via Nomentana 250

This news item expired on 13/05/2019.

Provincial and Regional Superiors‘ Conference, day 9 – 12

During the last four days we worked on different topics. One was a paper on Guidelines regarding desirable qualities of those to be elected as delegates to the General Congregation in 2020 and those who elect them. The discussion in groups about a paper which Jane prepared, was very fruitful. The additions from the groups will be incorporated in the final paper.
A lot of time was also given to the Meeting of the Regional Conferences: CRAL (Regional Conference of Latin America), COIN (Conference of India and Nepal) and ERC (European Regional Conference). An open question so far was how the Korean Province and the Zimbabwe Region will fit into this structure. This Conference has brought a change. COIN has invited Korea to join. They have already found a new name: KIN (Conference of Korea, India and Nepal) ERC has invited the Region of Zimbabwe to take part to future meetings. 
Another topic was „Renunciation of Property“. This is one way for a sister to express at Final Profession that she will find everything in her personal relationship with Christ and therefore renounces the right to have personal property. The question is still open to decide whether it should be mandatory to make a Renunciation of Property at the time of Final Vows or if it should be left up to the sister. These topics involved much groupwork and sharing in plenary sessions.
There was also the possibility to dance during this PRSC. Every afternoon, those who wanted, met outside in the garden to dance. We had dances from different parts of the world: Argentina, Burundi, Germany and others.
On Friday afternoon after the evaluation Jane ended the meeting officially. She pointed out, that this was the last PRSC during the term of office of the present Generalate. The next big meeting will be the General Congregation in Nemi in 2020.  
We started our meeting with the celebration of the Eucharist and we ended with the Eucharist to thank God for being with us these days.  
The last evening was a joy for us all with a lot of laughter and fun.  We said a big THANK YOU to our translators who were such a help to meet in groups across province boundaries.  We also said a big THANK YOU to the sisters of the Roman community who cared for us so well.   (text and photos/eka)

This news item expired on 06/05/2019.