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IBVM and CJ Tertians on pilgrimage in Rome from 12 to 17 May 2019

In 1621, Mary Ward came to Rome to ask for the approval of the Pope for her new foundation. 398 years later 4 IBVM and 1 CJ sisters and their guides started their Roman pilgrimage in the footsteps of Mary by walking from Piazza del Popolo to St. Peter’s, just as Mary Ward did to reach the Holy city. This journey is part of the nine month tertianship of the IBVM sisters to renew themselves after 10 to 15 years in final vows.  The aim is to deepen their relationship with God and with one another, to work on the basic texts of the Congregations and to have some challenging new experiences. 
Asked about their experience here in Rome, one sister said: “It is a privilege to be here and to have had Mass in the rooms where St. Ignatius of Loyola spent the last years of his life.” Another one shared: “To be in places where Mary Ward lived helps me to understand her struggle with the Church and to value her trust in God despite all the difficulties she experienced while she was in Rome.”
It is sad that two of the Indian IBVM Tertians could not come, because they did not have multiple entry visas, which would have enabled them to come from Ireland to Rome and back.  (text and photos/eka)  

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Meeting of the GC (General Congregation) Steering Group with members of the General Council and Noelle Corscadden IBVM

On 30 April and 1 May 2019, the GC 2020 Steering group had its first meeting in Rome with members of the General Council and Noelle Corscadden, the IBVM General Superior. Members of the group are Matthieu Daum (photo- centre) who will be the facilitator, Mary Wright IBVM, and Philip Endean SJ. 
Matthieu has already worked with the General leadership team and has facilitated the last three Conferences of the CJ Provincials and Regional Superiors. He will be facilitating four General chapters next year, including our own. 
The person on the right of the photo is Mary Wright IBVM. Mary will be the moderator of the General Congregation. She is a former General Superior of the IBVM and a canon lawyer. She hails from Australia. She has a lot of experience accompanying General Chapters of various Congregations.
Philip Endean SJ will be our Ignatian spirituality resource person during the GC, making sure that we stay rooted in our Ignatian heritage.  He is very familiar with the CJ as he facilitated the General Congregations in 1993 and in 2002. 
The CJ General Leadership Team and Noelle, the General superior of the IBVM, were also part of the meeting.   
The main aim of the meeting was to get to know each other better and to decide the main tasks in preparation for GC 2020. The next important step will be the Provincial and Regional Congregations in all the Provinces and Regions of the CJ, at which work will be done in preparation for the General Congregation, including the election of the delegates to the GC.   (Text and photos/eka) 

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250th anniversary of the Bar Convent chapel in York

Saturday 27 April was the exact date when the first Mass was celebrated in the newly built Bar Convent chapel in York in 1769, 250 years ago.  This momentous anniversary was celebrated with Mass in the chapel once again, with a congregation of about 140 people – CJs, IBVMs, friends of Mary Ward, friends of the Bar Convent and other friends and colleagues.
The principal celebrant was the Right Revered Terence Drainey, Bishop of Middlesbrough, the diocese in which the Bar Convent is situated.  It was, as one would expect, a joyful and uplifting occasion, followed by an equally joyful buffet lunch for all who attended, including the General Superiors of both branches of Mary Ward’s congregation.
The redoubtable Mother Anne Aspinal, who was the Superior of the Bar at that time, built the Bar Convent chapel as part of a major renovation of the Bar Convent buildings.  The costs of building the chapel were quietly “lost” in the general building accounts, as it was still illegal at that time to construct a Catholic place of worship in England.  The chapel itself was hidden in the centre of the building and its dome was concealed from the outside gaze by the high pediment built on the Georgian façade of the building on Blossom Street.
(text: JFL; photos: Debra Nurthen)

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