Life after the Pandemic

‘ is a site I usually avoid for environmental reasons. However, it has been my lifeline in lockdown providing a ready and comprehensive source for stationary and books when shops were closed. Hence my surprise when I put in an order for a copy of Pope Francis’ ‘Life After the Pandemic’ to be informed that

Dear Covid-19….

Dear Covid-19, what a “surprise” you wanted to give us all! You came out of nowhere, a virus as invisible as it is aggressive, and within a few months, you completely changed the order of our lives. We suddenly found ourselves, one person before and another person after, in every part of the world, having

Thank you!

For almost two months, our website has been updated with your testimonies and reflections on how the Provinces and Regions, communities, CJ members and our lay friends have responded and are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic emergency. Thank you all very much for having welcomed with such enthusiasm the invitation to share concrete experiences of