A magic tortilla

On the feast day of St. Magdalene the delegates from LEP and Spain had dinner at the Alza community in the north of Spain, where we met 3 of our CJ members. The time we spent together was priceless and the sharing we had around a slice of tortilla brought deeper within us the richness

To Fan Faith in Jesus….

Sensing the realities – and share them I was very much at loss for words when one of my cousins asked, “Where is your God, so powerful and all time healer during this pandemic? Why can’t He remove the immense sufferings of the people?” He added, “You religious have been preaching to us that God

An evening on the beach

Sensing the realities – and share them During the first days of our Online Discernment Process, the participants are sensing the reality of other parts of the CJ and getting to know more about the lives of Mary Ward women all over the world. We invited them, to also talk about their current realities. We