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The General Superior and the General Assistants were elected in August 2022 at the Part II General Congregation held in Nemi (Italy): Sr Veronica Fuhrmann CJ, General Superior (Middle European Province) and Sr Estela Clara Grignola CJ, Vicar General (Amerindian Province), Sr Pratima Pinto CJ (Delhi Province/India), Sr Helena Kang CJ (Korean Province), Sr Anna Quinterio CJ (Italy, Latin European Province).

Sr Františka Sedláková CJ (Slovak Province) was re-appointed as General Secretary in June 2023. Sr Anna Schenck CJ (Middle European Province) was appointed as General Bursar with effect from 1st February 2024.

The team

Veronica  Fuhrmann CJ

Veronica Fuhrmann CJ

General Superior
I was born in Mainz (Germany) in 1961 and joined the Congregatio Jesu in 1981. I worked in different places as a teacher, in nursing and in caring for refugees. As General Secretary, I was able to gain very enriching international experience. Before I was elected Superior General, I worked as a Provincial Assistant in the Middle European Province of the CJ. Throughout my religious life, Mary Ward’s words – “God’s working – beginning, middle and end” – have accompanied me in a special way.
Estela Clara Grignola CJ

Estela Clara Grignola CJ

Vicar General
I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1966. I entered the Novitiate in 1987. I lived the mission in schools and then in the field of spirituality and accompaniment. I lived for four years in Central America in El Salvador and Guatemala. I have shared and carried out theological reflection with abused women. I have been part of the Formation team in charge of the Juniorate and then in Ongoing Formation. I was part of the Provincial Leadership Team of the new Amerindian Province in Latin America. I thank God to be part of this historic time of being one Mary Ward family. Today I feel very strongly the words of Mary Ward: Refer all to God.
Pratima Pinto CJ

Pratima Pinto CJ

General Assistant
I was born in 1961 in Mangalore in the state of Karnataka, India. I entered the novitiate in 1981. I have lived my mission in school and later as Provincial Secretary, Junior and Tertian Directress, Animator of communities and Provincial of the Delhi Province. I am touched and moved by the courage and faith of Mother Mary Ward who said, “we must wait for God Almighty’s time and leisure, for we must follow, not go before him”. It is my firm conviction that God will accompany us as we journey together towards ‘Becoming One’ and taking forward the GC Key Statements.
Helena Kang  CJ

Helena Kang CJ

General Assistant
I was born in Seoul (South Korea) in 1966 and became a CJ member in 1990. I have been Provincial Assistant, Postulant mistress in the Korean Province and have taken part in the mission in Mongolia for 4 years. For the past two years, I have had the same jobs as local residents on the outskirts and have also worked with NGOs visiting undocumented immigrants in captivity. As a General Assistant, I believe in God’s time and His will in this era, and I intended to be faithful to my mission with a mission-oriented priority according to the message of the GC.
Anna  Quinterio CJ

Anna Quinterio CJ

General Assistant
I was born in Merate, in northern Italy, in 1961. I met Mary Ward and the spirituality of the Congregation in 1981. I worked in school as a music teacher and in prison too, I was part of the Raab group that helps prostituted women to regain hope and dignity. I had the joy of living 11 years of my life in Cuba where I experienced a beautiful intercultural community, I am very grateful for this important life experience. I had the joy of walking and accompanying two communities in the north of Italy (Vicenza and Rovereto) and of being part of the Provincial Council of the LEP, the Latin European Province, born from the merger of Romania and Italy. As Assistant General, I make my own the words written on Mary Ward’s tomb: love the poor, persevere in it, live, die and rise again with them!
M. Anna Schenck CJ

M. Anna Schenck CJ

General Bursar
I was born in Augsburg (Germany) in 1976. At university, I did religious studies with a focus on Islam and the relation between religion and politics. Soon after my graduation I discovered my talents in management and economics. So I worked in different posts trying to put those skills at the service of the well-being of others, especially the needy. This is also how I understand my work as a general bursar: as a service to the apostolate of the whole congregation. It was through the Ignatian spirituality that I got in touch with the Congregatio Jesu, today living my vocation in the footsteps of Mary Ward fills me with joy.
Františka  Sedláková CJ

Františka Sedláková CJ

General Secretary
I was born 1964 in Prešov, Slovakia, I got to know the sisters of the Congregation of Jesus during Communist times and joined them in July 1989. I was captivated by the great love and courageousness of Mary Ward. Since March 2012 I have been working as General Secretary. I do my mission with pleasure and I really enjoy it. Through my service for others I look for and I find God, joy and goodness. I try to do ordinary things with love.

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