Our Mission


The education of girls and young women has always been and will continue to be a key ministry, especially in those parts of the world where girls and young women are often deprived of the opportunity of an education.

In many of our Provinces and Regions we continue to own and run schools: primary schools; girls only schools; mixed schools; high schools; special needs schools; fee paying as well as free schools; urban schools and rural schools; day schools, boarding schools, and kindergartens. At the primary and secondary levels there will be sisters working in diocesan schools and state schools, or working in schools owned by other religious congregations. All depends on the particular circumstances and where the need is greatest.

Education also takes place outside of the formal school environment too with special needs teaching; teaching of migrants; language learning; and increasingly at tertiary level as more sisters qualify to teach at college and university level.

You will find an overview at: https://www.marywardworld.org