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CJ Chile

In 1934, three sisters from Augsburg and Bamberg arrived in Chile, in the north of the country. They started a school for girls in the following year. Since then, other German sisters arrived as missionaries.

In 1953 the small seed grew to become a tree-the Province of Chile. Currently they are present in Antofagasta, Santiago, Chillán, San Carlos, San Ignacio and San Fabián de Alico.

Today, there are 34 CJ sisters in Chile, living in seven communities all around the country, including one in Argentina. Educational ministry, through the coordination network of five schools, including a vocational technical school, is still the main apostolate of the province. There is also an apostolic community in a rural area, working in the pastoral and social projects of the parish

Since the 1st April 2021, Chile belongs to the Amerindian province, as a result of the union of the former provinces of Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

The three countries where CJ are present have a close relationship with the IBVM Region in Peru: they do Ongoing Formation workshops and Spiritual Exercises together, collaborate in Initial Formation and Leadership and regularly exchange views and share the same vision

More information in their facebook profile: Familia Mary Ward Amerindia


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