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CJ in Philippines

Mary Ward women worldwide (IBVM and CJ) are making significant links with each other, and together, they established the Mary Ward Study House. This collaborative effort is significant. For over eight years, young Korean and Chinese Sisters have been a part of the community, together with Sisters from Australia, Vietnam, USA, Tanzania, and visitors from India, Kenya, England, Canada, Spain, and Hungary.

They are studying theology and family counselling. Of the two older Sisters, one lectures at local theological colleges and workshops and is also involved in thesis supervision. The other is a great organiser and cares for the many aspects of daily life.

The second house in Manila is the formation house belonging to IBVM. Over the last six years, young women from Australia, Canada, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, and recently Timor-Leste, have lived together in the formation house and attended courses with other young people on the journey to religious life. They have input on spirituality, psycho-spiritual development and theological and scriptural support while working at home with their formators on the charisms of Mary Ward and Ignatius.

A third house is in another sector of Manila. Here, the diocese has helped many religious sisters establish ‘mission stations’, living in twos amid impoverished areas and assisting people in coordinating the improvement of living conditions. Two CJ sisters have begun this mission.

The three communities come together for important occasions.


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