18th December – A special tradition

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A figure of Our Lady wanders through the house from the 1st of Advent, carried from room to room every evening by the sisters, with a light and prayers and songs. Sr M. Bernardine Weber CJ has carved a small figure of Mary especially for this purpose, which is easy to carry. Who carries whom?

When it is the “turn” of a room and Our Lady comes, a place is prepared there, and there she stands and visits. A dear visit. In another community of the Congregatio Jesu, this tradition is called the “search for a shelter”: Mary is looking for a shelter for the child.

Today she is with me. And through the Advent door, she is a guest for a moment all over the world. Greetings! Hail Mary.

Sr Britta Müller-Schauenburg CJ

Esther Finis