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Mary Ward is a role model for modern social workers and all people who want to commit themselves to the path of support, advocacy, and re-socialization of the individual who has lost his/her way and needs assistance to find their true selves once again. The essence and the foundation of Mary Ward’s worldview is forgiveness, which is so hard to find in modern society. People like Mary Ward, are extremely rare, and thus, they should be valued at all times. Mary Ward is  the embodiment of a humane attitude to every person, regardless of the background and the past. The only objective for her was to advocate the re-establishment of that person in society so that the others could accept this person. Perhaps the religious component of her worldview also inspired and encouraged her to engage in the activities, like helping those in need and requiring immediate guidance when going through a rough period in their lives. Though historically women are deemed weak and unsuitable for anything but care, Mary Ward managed to prove the error of such a point of view.

Regardless of the historical period, women were and will be strong and capable of great deeds and achievements. Mary Ward was the embodiment of this idea, and she managed to inspire women through the ages to commit themselves to what they were discouraged from doing. The primary driving force for every person is a belief in self and one’s own gifts and skills. So, when society is discouraging them from acting and neglecting them due to misdeeds and mischiefs, like drug addiction and other types of dependencies, addicts require a push to face the new opportunities. Mary Ward was that push, as well as the promoter of trust, encouragement, and advocacy of the best interests of every individual. The example of behaviour and interpersonal relationship set by Mary Ward remains accurate and applicable to any situation. Trust, support, and bringing up self-esteem in people are the foundation of her worldview, and these categories remain relevant even now.

What helps me to forgive and accept myself when I struggle with failures?

What do I need to let go of in order to forgive and accept the rejects and outcasts of our world today?

Amanda Longe – Friends of Mary Ward, USA

Carla Bellone