A province jubilee day with a difference

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This year, the annual celebration of the jubilees and significant birthdays in the CJ English province in York was a very special celebration, as we were joined for the first time by 14 IBVM sisters. The jubilee mass in the Bar Convent chapel was followed by a delicious lunch, cake cutting and a relaxed afternoon tea in the garden of the St Joseph’s community. The day was enjoyed by all and there was a tangible sense of being at home with each other.

Marion Bettenworth CJ

It was a delight to share with our Mary Ward sisters the celebrations of 200 years of Religious life and 340 years of lives well lived at the CJ Jubilee Mass in York. A gathering that has been long awaited to happen in person with friends new and old gathered once again. A sign of the future to come.

Una Cogan IBVM
Carla Bellone