Advent in Vicenza

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On Saturday evening, we started Advent in our parish of San Marco in Vicenza with a Latin American group with whom I meet every month for the celebration of Mass. They are some of the many people who come from different countries in Latin America and who have been living with us for several years.

“Christmas is God becoming Man and bringing us hope” are the words of a song. And as Pope Francis says in Fratelli tutti: “…the future is not ‘monochromatic’, but, if we have the courage, it is possible to look at it in the variety and diversity of the contributions that each person can make. How much our human family needs to learn to live together in harmony and peace without us all being equal!”

A moment of communion and mutual enrichment. The parish choir and the Latin American choir ended the day in our house with a pizza, it was a good moment for the CJ community too!

Sr Anna Quinterio CJ

Advent with the Mary Ward Family

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