Allahabad Province Congregation, 27–29 August 2019

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Participants of the Allahabad Province Congregation

Fifty members of the Allahabad Province met as a Congregation from 27–29 August 2019.

Sr Roshni opened the Congregation in prayer on the morning of 27 August. Participants were encouraged to reflect on four questions:

  • Who are we together?
  • Where is God leading us today?
  • Who is God calling us to be?
  • What is God calling us to do?

Personal reflection on these guiding questions then led to conversation in small groups and sharing in plenary.

Sr Prisca Vadakepoondikulam from the General Leadership team was present as facilitator. She shared with the participants some of the thinking behind the preparations for GC2020: the idea of ‘theory U’, and the need for us to examine our mental models.

Group discussions

Sisters shared about global issues that moved them:

  • Cry of the poor: the homeless, landless, jobless, migrants, broken families
  • Cry of the earth: the need to reduce, re-use, recycle and redeem

They also explored the reality of CJ/IBVM demographics, and explored some of the challenges facing the CJ as we seek to respond to God’s call over the coming years.

Delegates to the GC planting trees

CJ Members can read more and download the full Allahabad Province Congregation report here.

Theodora Hawksley