Behind the scenes of GC – Episode 7 (and end): the communications team

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In the last episode of our little series with glimpses behind the scenes, we introduce ourselves: we – that’s Carla Bellone and Esther Finis.

At the communications office: Carla (on the left) and Esther (on the right) with Jane and Noelle.

Outside the GC, Carla works as Assistant to the General Secretary in Via Nomentana and also fills the role of communications officer; Esther is a member of the CJ Digital Communications Team and the press and communications officer of MEP.

If you read articles here on the website – in the news section or in the blog – they were written at our desk.

The posts on Facebook and Instagram and the recordings of the livestreams on YouTube and their synchronisation are also created during our joint work.

The participants also know us as photographers and supporters in case of computer breakdowns and WI-FI problems.

We are very happy that so many of you are interested in the GC, send us greetings and good thoughts and join us in prayer.

Esther Finis