Birthday celebrerations and leadership meeting

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The sisters of the Indian Provinces and Regions are gathered for the Online Discernment Process and used this rare opportunity for two special events:

As it was Sr Daisy’s birthday, they had a celebreation with a special meal, a cake and home-made ice cream. We will share Sr Lucias ice-cream receipe below.

The second event to be celebrated was a gathering of IBVM and CJ COIN leadership teams.

Receipe for icecream

* One cup of fresh fruits (any type of fruits – except papaya), skinned, seeds removed and cut into small bits
* One cup of milk. The milk should be boiled and cooled.
* Half a cup of fresh cream
* Half a cup of sugar

Mix the four items in a dish with a spoon and put it in a mixi and grind it untill you get very fine pulp.
Add no water to it.
Put it in a dish and keep it in the freezer of your fridge for 24 hours. Then you can enjoy the icecream.

All the best!!!
Sr Lucia

Esther Finis