Celebration of Mary Ward Week in Cuba

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Rodas – Januray 2023

From the CJ mission in Cuba we received this important report on how Mary Ward Week was experienced.
A photo gallery and short personal reflections open the minds and hearts of all of us, followers of Mary Ward around the world.

Meeting with the Friends of Mary Ward in Cartagena

Eucharistic Adoration

…praying especially for our Congregation and all those who accompany us in our mission.

Eucharistic Celebration

We shared a video about Mary Ward’s life with participants, as well as with the children and teenagers of the music centre on the day of the celebration of her feast day.

Personal reflections on what was prayed during the Week and shared in the WhatsApp group.

“Knowing Mary Ward and her religious family has been a grace for me. I love her gentleness and care, her love for God, for her friends, for the most vulnerable and even for her enemies. Kindness is a balm that heals, and that brings healing and goodness to all of us. I would describe the experience of the week in one sentence: “Try to make God the aim of all your actions and this will give you peace and you will consider everything easy and possible”.


Everything I have experienced during this week of Mary Ward has been beautiful, the letters, the meeting in Cartagena, the mass on Sunday, at the height of this great woman who never stopped, no matter how hard her difficulties were, her faith, her charisma, her dedication to Jesus, that is why I say to you Mary Ward give me your spirit.


The attitude that most struck me about Mary Ward was her courage. Courage to overcome, to face and defend what God proposed to her. Her life of prayer, her perseverance and her trust in Divine Providence marked her intentions to dignify women, living in freedom, justice and sincerity.

Carla Bellone