Advent Prayer

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Les invitamos a rezar con esta oración de Christine Jerrett. Está en inglés, pero si quieres leerla en su propio idioma recomendamos usar para la traducción.

 God of mystery and miracles,
 Your Word brings light into the dark places of our lives;
 Your presence gives us strength to endure
 when we are pushed beyond our own strength.
 You find us in our lostness and,
 with love beyond our imagining,
 you lead us home.
 All this you offer in and through Jesus Christ.
 Yet, we resist you.
 We resist loosening our tight grip on our lives.
 We hesitate to trust you
 for you may lead us where we do not want to go.
 You know the places in our hearts
 and in our minds
 where we are well-defended
 against your intrusions.
 In this season of longing,
 grant us grace to bring all that we are to you, O Christ
 — all the broken places
 — all the lost wanderings
 — all the weariness from trying to live lives that are pleasing to you.
 Hold them all in the fullness of your love.
 Then, be born in us,
 that we may find our home,
 our life,
 our joy
 in You, Lord of light and love. Amen.
 (Christine Jerrett) 

Carla Bellone