CJIBVM Formation meeting

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On 6th March we had the second of the three CJ/IBVM Joint online meeting. The topic of the day was ‘IBVM Formation Guidelines/ CJ Formation Framework’.  Sixty-one  CJ/IBVM members participated in it.  The presence of members belonging to different age groups was an expression of hope and interest in the future of Mary Ward Family.

After the opening prayer Estela CJ and Geraldine IBVM gave a brief description of Formation Framework and Formation Handbook followed by group discussions.  The feedback from small group sharing in the plenary clearly indicated much gratitude for the space created to understand and appreciate the guidelines offered in these documents.  All recognized that both the documents are similar in essence and spirituality and also expressed the need to update them to address the current reality paying attention to context, culture, interculturality, vocabulary and to respond to needs of the time and of people we accompany.

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