Free Digital Lecture on the history of the Bar Convent with Sr Patricia Harris CJ

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November marks the 335th birthday of the Bar Convent in York. When the first ten members moved into the house 335 years ago, it was probably known as ‘Mrs. Long’s house.’ So, we can ask several questions: Who was Mrs. Long, and why did she hide her real name? Why did the community hide its religious identity for over 100 years? What was daily life like for the ladies and their pupils, and how were they received by their neighbours in York?

Sister Patricia Harriss CJ will be answering these and many other questions as she tells the long and eventful story of the Bar Convent during a free digital lecture on Friday 5th November 2021 at 2PM GMT. You can check your local timing online, e.g. on,_United_Kingdom

The lecture will take place in English and will be held on Zoom. The talk will last about an hour.

To participate, you have to register with event-brite for the lecture called “‘Slate-coloured Gowns and Hoods:’ the Bar Convent story.” To do so, please follow this link:

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