From the Bar Convent York – The Parable of the Boot by the door of the cafe

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The boot began life, new, strong, well shaped, fit for purpose. It spent many years protecting the feet of its mistress. This was its role, this is what its life was all about. It was happy in its role.

However one day its life changed completely. It had become old, out of shape, battered by its years of faithful service and so it was cast aside.
Then it was taken just as it was, for a new and different role. It became the means through which new life could spring up. It was planted with a geranium that flourished and bloomed in the old boot, giving joy to all who saw it.
Its role is passive now – it has given all, let go of its old way of living and has allowed and welcomed this enormous change.

Being old doesn’t matter but to be open to change does, so that I too can bloom in this different world, post COVID 19.
Maryluke Addyman CJ

Carla Bellone