Lecture on “True and False Reform Today”

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Sr Dr Gemma Simmonds CJ from the English province recently gave a lecture on reform in the church as part of her reporting back from her work in Rome on the Synod.

The lecture is part of the Loyola Institute’s Lenten Series “Authentic, Effective Reform in the Church: Reading Yves Congar Today”. In 1950, the Dominican theologian Yves Congar wrote “True and False Reform in the Church”. This ground-breaking book influenced the future Pope John XXIII and his vision for the Second Vatican Council. The lectures re-read Congar, and explored how this classic text can help us today in our synodal journey.

The Loyola Institue recorded Sr Gemma’s lecture. You can watch it online: or directly on our website:

For those of you, who want to get automatically translated subtitles, here is a tutorial on how to activate those in YouTube:

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