Let us rejoice!

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In the first important canonical step on the path of Becoming One of the two branches of Mary
Ward’s Institute, the IBVM leadership team submitted a petition to the CJ General Congregation on Tuesday 23rd August 2022 to ask for canonical fusion, for the Institute to be incorporated into the Congregation of Jesus. On 25th August 2022, the CJ General Congregation voted unanimously to approve the petition.

For the past three days, delegates to the IBVM General Congregation have been in an intensive
discernment process regarding the third step of the Becoming One process, ratifying the
decision for Becoming One.

Sr Noelle Corscadden IBVM, Institute Leader of the IBVM said: “With great joy, I announce today that the delegates voted unanimously to ratify the decision for the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Congregation of Jesus to become one Institute. Let us rejoice together today!”

Find Noelle’s whole letter and more information on the IBVM website:

Esther Finis