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What is happening in other parts of the CJ Body? How is the mission experienced in other Provinces or Regions? What can we do to make Mary Ward and her charism better known?

These are three simple questions that can be answered by sharing and exchanging information between the various parts of the Body of our Congregation. Geographical distance is no longer an obstacle, there are no barriers to communication, and we have many tools to help us open doors and make known other realities.

We want to try to broaden our horizons and we can only do this with your help. Is there a newsletter in your Province or Region? Do you share information and events via social media? Would you like to write a short article or send us audio-visual material to share with the rest of the world a special event involving your sisters or simply to make the CJ mission known? You are in the right place! The news and blog sections of our website and our social media profiles are here for that!

Write to Carla Bellone: and share!

Carla Bellone