Mary Ward High School in the midst of Covid 19.

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The beginning of the year 2020 saw the school opening its doors to the first fifty pupils. Plans were underway for more blocks to be erected. Then came the end of  the first term, which was closed abruptly  at the end of March due to Covid 19. The second block had just been started.  That meant the purchasing of building material was slowed down due to Covid 19 restrictions.

It is indeed a miracle that in spite of all that, the contractor went on slowly but surely with the building. By November he was working on the final touches and we got the certificate of occupation  at the beginning of December

When we opened in term 3, we had 70 prospective pupils –  alas only 20 students  were allowed to join us. This is due to social distancing which is required by ministry of Education in Zimbabwe. We are expecting more pupils at the beginning of 2021 even though  there will be fewer than we had originally planned for. Nevertheless the coming of Covid 19 somehow gave us the time to concentrate on the building and it helped us to slow down, but still there has been steady progress. 

We are thankful to our funding partners and all who made it possible for us to complete the block. One cannot estimate the economic crisis in Zimbabwe.  However,confident in Divine providence, we look forward to the third stage of our construction as soon as we get  the funds.  The next building would be computer and science labs and a third classroom block. We remain thankful to God and our funding partners who enabled us to get this far.

Sr. Caroline Shonhiwa CJ

Carla Bellone