Mary Ward Week 2021

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From 23rd January (Mary Ward’s birthday in 1585) till the 30th January (the date of her death in 1645) we are celebrating Mary Ward Week.

Mary Ward, a visionary and woman for all seasons, sought God in all things. What does “all things” mean? As Mary Ward companions, we strongly believe that this means four-fold ways: being in connection with God, self, others and creation. St Ignatius would say, ‘finding God in all things’ and in Mary Ward’s own words, ‘to refer all to God’.

Sisters from differenct countries and provinces of both branches of Mary Ward’s institute – Congregatio Jesu und Loreto Sisters – have put together reflections for each day of this week. The editing process has been led by Sr. Mercy Shumbamhini CJ and Sr. Jane Gikonyo IBVM.

In this booklet, you will find texts, images and suggestions for your personal reflection.

Esther Finis