Mary Ward Week 2023 – Delhi Province

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“We ought diligently to endeavor to give a good example to everyone.”

Our school pulsated in every nook and corner with the celebration of Mary Ward Week spanning from her birth 23rd January to 30th January.

A special assembly on 23rd January to mark the Birth of Mary Ward by Class 8E under the leadership of Mrs. Chandana set our hearts to reflect and learn the values on Mary Ward. Maxims were decorated throughout the campus of the school. The Friends of Mary Ward teachers offered inspirational insights into the vision and mission during a reflective service that was held the entire week in the school chapel. Every staff member attended it with zeal.

Various themes were reflected on – Companions of Mary Ward, Praying in times of difficulties, Mary Ward- an inspiration for 21st century, Mary Ward a Model of Forgiveness, Mary Ward and the marginalized and Mary Ward – A woman Rooted in God. During the morning assembly, reflection on the maxims of Mary Ward was taken up.

The students, setting aside the routine timetable for an hour a day, collaborated, and challenged themselves to showcase their creativity. Primary to Senior students displayed beauty and insight on Mary Ward’s life on the Bulletin Boards of their classes. Classes 2 to 5 articulated their views and prepared bookmarks on maxims of Mary Ward. Classes 6 to 9 were given a choice of activities namely poster and collage making on the topics- ‘The 5 C’s of Mary Ward Education – Character, Competence, Conscience, Commitment and Compassion and Childhood Memories. The passion and engagement of the students had been delightful. On her Death Anniversary, an enlightening prayer assembly by class 7D under the guidance of Mrs. Sophiya Terence, brought a close to the celebration. It had been an incredible experience for our students. I hope this will inspire many too.

“Let no day go by in which you do not heroically conquer yourself”

Venerable Mary Ward

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