Mary Ward Week – Day 3

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An invitation to greater inclusiveness as one

Reverend my dear Mother,
My ill health and several business [various duties] makes me forbear to show you how your proceedings comfort me, particularly your pains in advancing [developing] the place where you are, and care of those under your charge, but beyond all this, and above what I can tell you do I love and esteem you, for the joy you express at the good going forward of other Colleges, and the entrance of diverse amongst ours of several nations etc.[that people from different countries have entered our Institute] ; happy are those my Mother who savours [appreciate] these things aright, a grace not given to all. I would have you love God much, and remember to thank him often for all benefits as well secret as known, and beg of his goodness increase of zeal, and still more ability to do his goodness greater service, who deserves far otherwise from ours than poor we have afforded: and what I here commend unto you, I will in my poor manner ask of God for you, and I trust you will not forget me. I will also commend to your especial care that Mother Anne Rushton and your two Catherines learn, or rather become perfect in casting a count, [arithmetic], writing an excellent Dutch [German] hand and that you would make them like yourself in working, but for works Mother Rushton is not apt, [not a good worker] the two Dutch [Germans] I hope are. I say nothing of my care of your College, if God send me life I will seek to do and not say. And so my dear Mother adieu for this time. Jesus ever keep you, and yours. Of all other businesses you will hear by Mother Provincial [Barbara Babthorpe].
R.V. servo in Christo [Your Reverence’s servant in Christ]
Marie Ward

Mary Ward’s letter to Frances Brooksby, 13th October 1627 (Source texts Vol. II, Doc. 708)
Carla Bellone