Merry Christmas and a happy new year

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Dear readers,

we wish you all a verry merry Christmas and the blessing from our Lord in the crib.

This year began with vibrant preparations for our general congregation and turned out to become so different from all that we knew and expected. The Covid19-pandemic changed our social behaviour, our community live, our teaching, our social services and so much more. But it also showed us the strength of solidarity and compassion, of respect and collaboration. We crossed digital borders that we weren’t even aware of one year ago.

We want to express special gratitude to all those who have become involved to help people in need in so many different ways during this pandemic. Many CJ communities shared their missions and experiences on this website.

Our thanks go to those who connect over geographical borders and to those who were and are willing to learn new methods of contact.

Thank you also and especially to those who do not stop praying in these challenging times.

We are looking forward to stay connected and learn more and more about and from one another.  Have blessed days ahead and a good start in a happy new year.

Best wishes

The editorial team

Esther Finis