Month of mission 2023: Burning hearts, walking feet”

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On the occasion of October 2023 as the month of mission, our communities around the world have embraced the title of Pope Francs’ message “Ardent hearts, feet on the way!”

Mary Ward and Teresa Ball inspired and keep inspiring us with leir lives and words. We reflected on the words of Mary Ward: “Divine love is like fire, which will not let itself be shut up, for it is impossible to love God and not to labor to extend his honor.” And we meditatet what Tersa Ball said: “Go and set the world on fire with the love of God.”

Some of our sisters shared their thoughts about their religious life and their respective mission in our Institute. The younger one of them care for the people at the margins, the poor and the struggling. The more elderly sisters, despite their age, don’t stop burning for the love of God and support us all with their prayers.

Let us listen to those testimonies of feet on the road, signs of the Presence of the living God walking with His people and of ardent hearts and the experience of God manifesting Himself in our lives.

Esther Finis