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Sr. Agnesa Jenčíková, Superior of the Slovak Province sent us an email in which she updates us on the situation of our sisters who are in Kyiv and who are directly involved with their mission in a conflict that has been causing death and destruction for a month now.

We continue to pray for our sisters and for all the women, men and children who are the innocent victims of this senseless horror.

Venerable Mary Ward, pray for them and give them your spirits.

Dear Sisters and Friends,
on behalf of Sr. Anastasia CJ and Sr. Katarina CJ in Kyiv, thank you all for every prayer and support you have expressed to them. They are well. Now, there is another curfew in effect in Kyiv from Monday evening until Wednesday morning. Bombing and sirens can be heard all around. However, even in this situation, our sisters managed to get some rest today and cleaned the apartment and the basement shelter. When there is no curfew, they deliver food, drugs and other necessities, provided via Charity, especially to the poor, the sick and the elderly who could not manage to leave Kyiv. They also get medicines for them, which can only be bought after waiting in long queues outside pharmacies. They also provide food and medicines for the soldiers, the defenders of Kyiv. They equally are helping young mothers with young children. Tomorrow Sr. Anastasia will bring the baby diapers to the other side of the city where twins were born yesterday. The sisters are cooperating with some of their colleagues from Caritas Spes who stay in Kyiv and together they are helping the needy.
Many thanks to all of them for this.
Anastasia and Katarina greet you warmly and also remain in prayer.

With love and prayers
Agnesa CJ, Slovak Province

Sr Anastasia with her colleagues from Caritas Spes in Kyiv – March 2022
Carla Bellone