Online campaign launch: MARYWARDFORSAINT

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Dear members of the Venerable Mary Ward’s family,

As you know, we are making every effort to promote the Cause of our Venerable Mary Ward. The latest initiative involves the use of technology to generate support for the Cause. With the help and expertise of Lauren Masterman, Director of Communications at The Bar Convent, York, we have put together a resource pack which includes the online petition.


We can accumulate many signatures if all members of the Mary Ward family around the world, students from our 200+ schools, parents, staff, friends, associates, alumni, former students and supporters of Mary Ward, our parish communities, families and so on sign up and sign the petition!

During this Mary Ward Week 2024, I ask you to do all you can to encourage others to SIGN UP. In communities, can those who are tech-savvy help those who are not? In some provinces/regions, there are structures in place to reach out to school communities; in others, this is not the case.
I really need help to spread the information and the link to this campaign as widely as possible.

My challenge and appeal to everyone in this MWW 2024 is:
Can everyone encourage ten other people to sign up?

It is my hope and desire that this campaign will give new life to our Cause, which was presented in accordance with the Norms for the Causes of Saints in the Holy See to a Particular Diocese in December 2019. Mindful that Church processes take time, we hold in our prayers those involved in the processing of our “possible miracle”, holding fast to Mary Ward’s own words that “God has a time for everything”.

We will send 2 more resources:

  1. press release from The Bar Convent on January 17, 2024.
  2. The resource file, which contains, for example, a booklet about Mary Ward written with those who do not understand “religious language” in mind.

Mary Ward Week provides many opportunities not only to declare our love and reverence for our beloved Foundress, but also to promote her values and provide inspiration to those who do not know her. We rely on everyone to participate in this initiative.

Let us all do our bit so that we have a real TSUNAMI of answers.

Deeply grateful for all support


Elizabeth Cotter IBVM, JCD,
Postulator for the Cause of Venerable Mary Ward

CJ Generalate