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CJ Argentina

In 1939, seven sisters arrived in Argentina and founded a school in San Andrés de Giles. In 1951, two more sisters from the Hungarian province arrived in Argentina with the main goal of helping the Hungarian immigrants who had arrived in the country, fleeing the communist regime. They founded a school for the children of Hungarian families in Plátanos.

The foundations by German sisters and the only foundation by Hungarian sisters grew as two separate provinces. Only in 1979 they formed a Region and finally, in 1993, the plant became a Province.
Today, they are 13 sisters, 10 present in Plátanos, San Andrés de Giles, Cerritos and El Caburé and 3 other in Peru, Cuba and Rome.  During all these years, they sow the seeds of her charism through the ministries of formal and informal education, health, social work, spiritual and parish ministry, counselling/accompaniment, domestic work, prison chaplaincy, etc.
Since 2018, Argentina, Brazil and Chile (CJ provinces in Latin America) have worked towards unification and, on 1st April 2021, the Amerindian province was erected as a result of the union of the former provinces of Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

The three countries where CJ are present have a close relationship with the IBVM Region in Peru: they do Ongoing Formation workshops and Spiritual Exercises together, collaborate in Initial Formation and Leadership and regularly exchange views and share the same vision

More information in their facebook profile: Familia Mary Ward Amerindia.




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