Provincial Congregation in Romania: Called to bring hope

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Group photo of the participants in the Romanian Province Congregation
Participants in the Romanian Province Congregation

We took as our  motto: “HONORING THE PAST, EMBRACE THE PRESENT, CO-CREATING THE FUTURE, IN THE SERVICE OF THE MISSION”, From 1 to 5 July the Provincial Congregation of the Romanian Province took place. The first two days 105 sisters attended and the purpose of the gathering was to understand the realities of the entire CJ body by doing a quick survey of the 13 Provinces and Regions of the Congregatio Jesu in the world.

The next three days were attended by the delegates and substitutes, 37 sisters attended, plus two from the Italian province. We continued to deepen the four working areas. The analysis, reflections and feedback received from the five special lay guests who work in different social and ecclesiastical spheres and of the bishop helped us to broaden our perception and vision on the socio-political, cultural and ecclesial context of Romania today. In their speeches, the guests emphasized the impact, the importance and especially their expectations regarding our presence and apostolate in Romania. Their testimony amazed us and we saw the efficacy of God’s grace at work in our endeavors. At the same time, they offered suggestions, and brought light and answers to our questions and concerns.

sisters sitting in a circle and discussing
Small group discussion in Romania

Marius Talos SJ played an important role, since throughout the sessions he helped us to put our own reality in the light of the “Holy Trinity”, placing us in the light of the incarnation, to be able to see how to achieve the Ignatian MAGIS – serving better, being more creative and going where we are needed most.

The atmosphere of joy, communion and trust, as well as the hope that God leads us in our history has enlivened our meetings. Throughout the five days we have felt the profound and effective presence of the Holy Spirit acting in each one of us, in the Congregatio Jesu in Romania and in the world and  in the local and universal Church. As a fruit of this life-giving and hope-giving Spirit, we have been nourished by this time together. We have been glad that we can be together and walk together, we were able to start with the “kindness revolution”, practicing the “apostolate of the ear” (Pope Francis), trying to be for all a beneficial presence, exchanging a gentle look and a warm word. We are grateful to God for all we have been able to experience in these blessed days of grace.

Romanian Province Congregation group photo
Romanian Province Congregation group photo
Esther Finis