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The small, shrill voice form the Pandora’s Box
Hope springs eternal in the heart of the universe
Amid wars, walls that divide, coronavirus
And children who starve, while rich men wallow in luxury.

Hope springs eternal in the heart of the universe
Because of a child born into the world as light,
As healer, as preacher, as a pilgrim of hope
Leading, guiding, inspiring millions to follow His path.

Unsung heroes, unknown women
Wrapping the world in swaddling clothes of love,
Risking their lives, tending the sick round the clock,
Aids victims, cancer patients, fearing not even the coronavirus.

As climate change threatens the world
From the mouth of children wisdom speaks,
A Greta Thunberg ruffling up frozen consciousness
Of world leaders blinded by power and…profit

Children claiming their right to a safer world,
Youth across the world awakening to the need for justice
People like Mr. Kejariwal in Delhi sweeping away
With a simple broom, the might of giant men of hardened hearts.

Food stalls, fruit stalls in front of Tata cancer hospital in Mumbai
And endless lines of poor, starving men and women,
Who contribute their widow’s mite.

Closer home, our old and ailing sisters
Gripped by pain and arthritis,
Slipping the beads through their stiff fingers
Praying for peace in the world is surely a sign of hope.

All the world over, there are men and women
Like Eddy Woo coaching underprivileged children to excellence,
Nick Vujicic born without hands and feet
Touring the world to speak of love and hope.

If you cannot have a miracle, be a miracle.”
Nick Vujicic

Sr. Celine Peedickal CJ – Allahabad Province

Esther Finis