Slovak Province: Blessing of the new CJ community house and consecration of the chapel in Mladá Boleslav (The Czech Republic)

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The CJ community in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic,began in September 2021, all three of us arrived on September 4, 2021. After the initial period of living in the parish house and the gradual furnishing of the house, we have now settled  in our home with everything we need. The house at 589 Havlíčkova Street was blessed by Bishop of Litoměřice Ján Baxant on Saturday, December 11, 2021. Sisters from all three Czech communities, together with the Provincial Superior and two sisters from the Provincial Council, came to this happy event. The newly created Chapel of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross was consecrated during the first Mass celebrated in our house. The bishop expressed his great joy at having one of our religious communities coming to his diocese after so many years. As he said “ we are a hope for spiritual renewal and for the fire of God to slowly return again to a diocese that seems almost extinguished”. He thanked us for the good and prompt communication between the local parish priest, Fr. Pavol Poláček, and the Provincial Superior, Sr. Agnesa which led to the establishment of the new CJ community.

As the space in the house is not very big, on the day of the consecration, only the CJ Sisters, the Bishop and two priests from the parish were present at the lunch and the gathering afterwards. However on the second day, all our friends were invited, all those who from the first day helped us to furnish the house and facilitated our work in the parish in a very significant way. On the ground floor there are the premises we use for pastoral activities, so even the children had a place to play and we could talk quietly with anyone who wanted to. People gradually came and went and we were  happy to welcome about 50 friends that afternoon. There was a very pleasant atmosphere and several ideas were put forward as to when and how we could get together again.

We trust in God’s protection and ask for His help for each day and each person in the Mlada Boleslav Mission  and for the tasks that await us.

Sr. Pavlína CJ, Mladá Boleslav

Carla Bellone