Tertianship in times of a worldwide pandemic

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The Corona pandemic has an immediate effect on the tertianship of two sisters from the MEP: Nathalie Korf CJ had to leave Nepal earlier than planned, the same applies for Anna Schenck CJ and her stay in Lebanon.

Now, Sr Anna has started to volunteer in the Bahnhofsmission Frankfurt/Main, where many homeless people ask for help these days since many other institutions are closed – and they have no home to stay at.

As the Ignatian Spirituality Immersion Course in Manresa, Spain, was equally cancelled, they both now live in Bad Homburg until their final vows that shall take place in early July. Instead of seeing the pandemic as a disruptive factor of their tertianship, they asked themselves and the Lord what they are called to in this special situation.

Sr Nathalie who has worked as a care worker for people with disabilities for many years volunteers in Haus Königsegg in Oberursel, the home of 24 differently abled adults – most of them at high risk if infected by Corona.

Esther Finis