The long journey of Mary Ward

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On Tuesday 28th September 2021, the statue of Mary Ward made by the artist Maurizio Frisinghelli from Rovereto was officially presented to the school garden in Vicenza. These are his words: “…Mary Ward is a person on the way,…a person who moves, who journeys…. A person  who walks when she knows where to go, when she has a goal, an objective, or when she has an ideal… this path continues through the people fascinated by this ideal… Here is Mary Ward, reaching out towards her goal…’.

In this celebratory moment Sister Gemma Simmonds CJ was also with us, among the many words and suggestions shared  with us  are these: “…Mary Ward extends her hand to us, let us put our hand in hers and may she also be for us a travelling companion…”.

The students of the third year of Secondary School and the students of the fifth year of Primary school  sang for us and wrote a letter to Mary Ward, here are some their words: “Dear Mary Ward, it’s a very special time, but from heaven you give us strength and joy… you are a woman who has never lost courage… you are really the light that illuminates our path, the star of our school, with your adventures and your travels, you are and will always be a great example for us. Thank you for everything dear Mary!

We thank God for this great gift to our school, we thank all the people who have made this dream possible and may Mary Ward help us to be a gift and a sign of Jesus’ love to the world and to humanity today.

Carla Bellone