The role of the technology in lockdown – Delhi Province

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A boy told his Mom, “Mom you know, they in the school told us not to bring mobile to the school, but today the school is in the mobile.”

This above conversation is not a joke in the current scenario but a fact as the online teaching is on progress with its pro et contra. Our students have now become well versed in attempting online assessments. Hats off to the teachers as they have become more creative in imparting knowledge. Virtual staff meetings and parent-teacher meetings (PTM) are conducted on zoom by the sisters in charge of the schools.  In spite of the strain of integrating various modules of E-teaching, we are happy that the teachers, parents and students are co-operative in this process. Parents appreciated the effort of the school management for the timely response through the online mode before the bleak future of Covid-19.

The webinar hosted by Sr. Cynthia CJ on the issues of Covid -19, was enthusiastically attended by some of our teachers, students and ex-students from various walks of life and they made a remarkable contribution by sharing their views with Sr. Cynthia. Zoom meeting with Friends of Mary Ward was also conducted encouraging them to be more active.

In some schools the online classes were put on hold for the summer break but the students were assigned with summer fun time activities, holiday homework and short film making competition on the theme ‘Break the Chain.’ Sr. Manjusha from the Nainital hills took the initiative to conduct various competitions for sisters, teachers and students. We feel concerned about those children who cannot take advantage of the technology for various reasons. Sisters keep in touch with parents specially to update them on new developments and much more to encourage them.  

In the Provincial house, Sr. Elsy, the Provincial and her councillors meet regularly through zoom mode. The online meeting of the animators of communities, the principals and the accountants of the schools is scheduled for 25th of this month. Everyone has realized the need to be techno smart in order to be efficient in one’s own mission.

Ever since the lockdown started, Covid -19 pandemic is enabling the sisters and the teachers to harness the power of webinars and online conferencing; thus up-skilling us to be Technology Teachers.

A blessing in disguise of course!

Carla Bellone