Provincial Congregation in Italy: Three days … of grace and growth!

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6-7-8- September 2019: three days of the Assembly of the Italian Province, reunited in Rovereto, in our home for the elderly and sick Sisters.

Three days lived peacefully, in the union of mind and heart, engaged in prayer, reflection, generative listening and discernment.

27 members who participated, with the enthusiasm of the youngest and the wisdom of the oldest.

We experienced the presence of the Lord who, once again, entered in our history and made our hearts burn!

Three days of grace and growth, for the Province that, beyond limits and fragility, still has a heart that beats and lives!

Three images have accompanied us: the icon of the SS. Trinity that turns its gaze on the world, the Good Samaritan, who carries out his mission on the street and Mary Ward on the way: looking and walking! Here is the invitation!

The first day was dedicated to looking at the life of the Province, through the points of the Ignatian examination of conscience: gratitude, lights, shadows, desires and projects …The second day, with the help of some lay people invited to the assembly, we try to take a look at the reality. Their testimony deeply moving us and has opened up new horizons for us and above all encouraged us to continue to “do good and do it well”!

planting a tree
safeguarding of creation by planting trees: Provincial Congregation in Italy

The third day was dedicated to the election of delegates to the 2020 General Congregation. Everything is done in an atmosphere of serenity and peace of the heart. Sr. Anna and Sr.Palmina, elected delegate, are preparing to participate.

A sincere thank you flowed from the heart of each to a conclusion of the Assembly!

Here are some video impressions:

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