Video interview of the new General Leadership Team

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We are delighted to be able to introduce you “in person” to the new General Leadership Team. Srs Veronica, Estela, Pratima, Helena and Anna, agreed to give us a short interview in which they shared, not only where they come from and their mission before the GC, but above some of their expectations, desires, and aims for the next 9 years. One of the themes they share is the process of “Becoming One”, as well as spreading Mary Ward’s charism as wider as possible.

Sitting in an open circle as Mary Ward’s companions, they have decided to speak in their own language, a clear sign of a multicultural team strongly rooted in the fundamental principles of our foundress.

We invite you to get to know the new General Leadership Team virtually on our YouTube channel

Please activate the English subtitles and for German and Spanish use the attached pfd files or download the app Sayhi

Video interview with the new General Leadeship Team

Carla Bellone