11th December – Being on the way

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During Advent, I especially love to hear the book of Isaiah read aloud. On the first Sunday of Advent, it is Is 2:1-5, about paths, about light and the forging of swords into ploughshares.
A “word” that Isaiah has “seen”. He sees the mountain of the Lord to which all nations are drawn. As if from the temple, from God, there is an attraction. The mountain and the temple are visible from afar, attractive and inviting. “Come, we go up…” And what are the people looking for? “Let him show us the WAYS…”
The Word of God, His “instruction”, has an effect, moves something in people:
Those who have recognised something do it of their own accord: they forge ploughshares from their swords. It is not God who destroys the weapons. It is man who then begins to reforge swords and lances. It is the human being who allows himself to be changed by God and goes new ways.

Sr. Christa Huber CJ

Carla Bellone