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Receiving compassion from another is a human, life giving desire. We live in a world full of so many problems; illness, poverty, family struggles, natural disasters, war and social problems. We cannot change all of them, but if we responded, each one of us, even a little, with generous kindness, if we are compassionate, the entire world would change.

Our compassion enables the people around us to feel seen, loved and understood, in the same way that Christ enabled all whom he encountered to feel.

When Mary Ward started the journey across Europe opening schools and supporting girls, she struggled and had very little money. In her letters we read, that even in these most difficult times, Mary Ward was thinking of others in her community and those who were struggling, with a huge kindness and care.

Mary Ward was imprisoned. Mary Ward was often very sick. Mary Ward is now with her loved one in heaven.

Mary Ward, the compassionate. It was her strength to suffer with others, to help the community. She was not focused on becoming famous or credited for her work. To understand her brothers and sisters in the light of their suffering was her way of being Christ to all.

Mary Ward had a compassionate heart that yearned to share God’s light with everyone she encountered.

“God is rich enough for us all.”

Where do I need to allow compassion to take a major role in my life?

What hinders me from expressing compassion to people whom I shun?

Friends of Mary Ward, Albania


Carla Bellone