3rd December – Beautiful, clever, Christian – St. Barbara

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Although St. Barbara’s Day is tomorrow, tradition also commemorates it on the evening before. Therefore, here are some thoughts on St. Barbara today. In the Passau district of Hacklberg, an Advent path has been created in the nature of the city park. 20 stations have been created by different groups of people. The CJ Sisters have created a stele with Saint Barbara in connection with a large tree trunk and the blossoming branch that emerges from it.

The legend tells of the young woman Barbara who became a Christian against her father’s wishes. As a result, he locked her up in a tower. On the way there, a cherry branch got caught in her dress. Barbara put it in a cup of water. It blossomed on the day she was sentenced to death. Since the 15th century, there has been a custom of placing the “Barbara branch” in a flower vase on 4 December so that it will be in bloom on Christmas Day. The branch thus stands as a parable for the Advent season and symbolises the Christmas mystery itself.

Reflection – setting out for new life:

What protections do I want to remove during these weeks?

What do I want to grow and blossom within me?

What can I give to others so that they can open up so that they can find themselves and God?

Sr Hannelore Hertel CJ

Carla Bellone