A message from Sr. Gonzaga Wennmacher CJ

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Dear fellow Sisters, dear members of the Mary Ward family,

we all know from the Painted Life the picture No. 10 “Mary Ward in prayer”. A very beautiful wood carving (relief) from Zimbabwe came to me on 20.08.2022 after our fellow Sisters from Bensheim had said goodbye: Maria Ward (after Painted Life No. 10) by a wood carver from Zimbabwe. The picture measures 32.9 x 19.5 x 3.8 cm – and weighs 1,290 kg – Signed: SM

What a beautiful coincidence it is that just now this picture finds its way to us in the blog of the GK … and it is certainly a beautiful and possible thought that Maria Ward is also “in heaven personally” committed to the concerns of the GK.

With warm greetings and in solidarity with all those gathered in Nemi and all blog readers

Gonzaga Wennmacher CJ

Carla Bellone