Beloved Father, Holy God, One and Triune

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Since I was a child, the desire for fulfilment has been a Mystery to be discovered. The Holy Trinity was offered to me as a path of search and encounter. Approaching the Mystery was a treasure to be unravelled and enjoyed. In time it grew as a part of my being. In my frailties I could sense that acting, ineffable, embracing Presence, which invited me and invites me to the new and unknown, to come out of my depths of shadows and inconsistencies to give way to the ”fullness” of the Mystery.
Today I know myself as a seeker and learner, a fragile disciple on the way.

During the pandemic, I was invited to write about the Holy Trinity.
I share a few brief paragraphs that are my being today.

... you inhabit me, you are here and now.
… you surround me, you encircle me… unending fire… flame of your flames.
…immersed in YOU, you hide yourself, you manifest yourself, you send me.
…flow, devour, elevate and abate…endless rhythm, music and eternal dance.
…triad of water…the WAVE is SEA AND both DROP and WATER, SEA.
I surrender to the ONE AND TRIUNE GOD. I love this making me without pause.
In your love the MORE urges.
Hunger hurts, closeness urges.
No more ”reasons”.
To walk together, to share life…to pray and to adore.
The greatest joy…to LOVE and to SERVE.
On the horizon the silhouette of BREAD.

Sr. Teresa Heck CJ

Carla Bellone