Booklet for Community Conversations #1, 2 are now online

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Having given time and attention to reflecting and praying with Mary Ward during the week 23 to 30 January, the whole membership of the CJ is now being invited to participate in a process of preparation for the General Congregation.  This process involves conversations based on generative speaking and listening, and personal prayer and reflection in preparation for them.  The first two of these conversations focus on “Finding the presence of God and signs of hope in our world (Community Conversation #1) and “Finding the presence of God and signs of hope in the worldwide Mary Ward Body” (Community Conversation #2) and will take place during February and March.  The material for these reflections and conversations can be found on the members only section of the website under the heading Community Conversation #1 and Community Conversation #2. The GC preparatory process will involve three further conversations from April to June inclusive.  The material for these conversations will be posted on the website in due course.

Carla Bellone