Christmas is….

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Christmas is an overflow of HOPE. It is to “inhabit the crib” and let myself be watched by the CHILD, by MARY and JOSEPH. It is to activate TENDERNESS, LOVE and KINDNESS, searching together for horizons of UNITY. It is to be MARY who inhabits all the “cribs” of history.

It is to contemplate her YES.

Teresa Heck CJ – Argentina

Christmas is GRACE, it is the hope of finding God in the smallness and poverty. The grace of God has appeared, the love of God that brings me light, peace and joy. It is the encounter with the merciful Goodness of our God, made small, poor out of love. With wonder and gratitude, I contemplate this mystery of JESUS, the EMMANUEL, the God who will always be with us.

María Rosa Casati CJ – Italy

We celebrate Christmas because our salvation has come. Jesus is born in our hearts at Christmas. Like Mary, our challenge is to allow Jesus to be conceived in our hearts and to be born into the world through our way of life.

Aleta Dube CJ – Zimbabwe

Wishing you all CJs around the world a blessed, merry Christmas! I hope this Christmas season brings you happiness and joy in the presence of baby Jesus among us as we go forward towards greater unity and harmony in One Body. With lots of love and prayers, may God bless you in this season and all through the coming year!

Seraphina Kim CJ – Korea

Carla Bellone