23rd December – Mary Ward’s approach to crisis and danger

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A crisis just comes one after another.
It’s hard to bear.

You could switch off, or simply shut down.
In the meantime, this is necessary for self-protection.
In the long run, we become like little children,
who think they’re invisible
if they cover their eyes.

One could be aware of all the information,
the probable and the imperceptible..,
and let it rain down on you.
Depression or panic attacks would be the result.

The danger of adverse conditions is perceived,
but without fear, anxiety or worry.

Mary Ward challenges us to adopt an attitude in the middle:
Seeing things as they are,
not to hide anything, not to gloss over anything,
not to let it frighten you,
not to let it worry us,
at least not existentially,
or at the very most to a wholesome restlessness.

It also reveals where such inner freedom comes from:
Calm trust that God will do his will.

Sr. Ursula Dirmeier CJ

Carla Bellone