CJ and IBVM leadership teams met in Casa Loreto, Via Massaua

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On Wednesday 23 September 2020, the General Leadership teams of CJ and Loreto Sisters met again to have conversations about the usual common projects and to share experiences. 
One of the main topics this time was the process towards union of both branches. As it is clear now that we are going to follow the path towards union we need to get to know each other better. This will be the first step in the near future. In some countries and areas of the world there are sisters of both branches for example  in Latin America, Africa, England, Spain and India and in these places there already exists some sharing and they have opportunities to grow in the spirit of oneness. But in other parts of the world there is no common shared presence of both congregations. There it is difficult to get to know each other. The sisters there have to develop creative ideas in order to develop relationships. In our meeting we shared ways and means of creating these bonds in view of future union.
At this meeting Maccarena IBVM could not be with us in person but on Zoom. She was in quarantine as she just had come back from Spain. As always, it was a very good and enjoyable meeting with dinner together at the end. (text and photos/eka)
CJ Generalate